Instagram will display users’ suggested posts after they have seen all of the recent content from the accounts they follow. According to Instagram, recommendations are based on your behaviour on the platform, the accounts you follow, and the popularity of the content and producers. Learn how to hide Instagram’s suggested posts by reading this article.

Suggested Posts on Instagram can be disabled. Although you can’t turn off Instagram’s post suggestions, you can apply a clever workaround to avoid seeing them. The approach here is to set up and switch to your “Following” or “Favorite” feeds, which were launched earlier this year.

As these feeds are centred on providing you with material from people you follow, you won’t see any suggested posts when exploring them. As mentioned in our guide on how to use Instagram’s chronological feed, you may read posts from specific accounts by pressing on the Instagram logo and selecting “Following” or “Favorites.” By viewing these feeds instead of the default “Home” feed, you can ignore post suggestions. Remove Instagram’s suggested posts from your feed. It’s as simple as that! We hope you were able to delete the suggested posts from your Instagram feed using this simple guide.

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