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As social media world is changing, we are Team ytviews soon launching some new & faster services with 5x traffic & engagement which will help you in achieving your business goals or you can reach more viewers as content creator.

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You can buy youtube comments for your youtube video & increase your video reach

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We are offering indian video comments service including custom comments in that service.You can submit order for indian video comment service and give us link on the video which you want to increase the comments on your video. If you will order for video comments your video reach & engagement to that video will be increased which will increases your channel & video growth

You can place order for custom video comments also according to your choice.All organic and real account will make comments on your video & we dont support any negative comments in this service.You can easily buy youtube custom comments by submitting an easy order here

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Just for 80

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Just for 300

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Just for 380

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80 Random Comments(Indian)

Just for 560

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90 Random Comments(Indian)

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100 Random Comments(Indian)

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200 Random Comments(Indian)

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300 Random Comments(Indian)

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400 Random Comments(Indian)

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500 Random Comments(Indian)

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1000 Random Comments(Indian)

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Why to buy youtube comments?

You can easily buy youtube comments and easily gain popularity on your youtube video.Comments are the most important factor on which your video is considered as valuable video.People see each and every comments to check the feedback given to you.If your video have youtube viewership and video likes but no comments than impact of youtube video will be not good.Your video should have some comments atleast if your youtube video is getting more views.Many viewers also like to engage with you with the medium of comments.

Why comments are most important for youtube video?

Youtube comments are the most important factor on which youtube rank video more higher & traffic come to video.Youtube check that the video should have balance in views,likes & comments.If any thing is too high or too low than youtube will not rank your video higher.Comments is the main factor through which your youtube video engagement can be seen.You can easily buy youtube comments and rank your video high.For google adsense CPC is decided on the basis of video comments as more click rate will be given on video with high engagement rate .More positive comments means that audience really like your content and giving feedback in the form of comments

How we deliver real organic comments?

When you order on our portal than we send your youtube video to our team of expert .They check the video & the content made on that video.We have different network across which we promote youtube video for comments .We have all types of comments service likes indian comments & worldwide comments.When we promote your youtube video across different channels than people watch video & make engagement with your video in the form of comments.As comments are not easy to received from real people so we need to promote your video in specific group or people who want to watch the content you are making

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