Almost everyone is on Instagram these days where some are trying their hand at influencing, some are trying to establish their small business brands while others are trying blogging and expanding their connections for both personal and business reasons.

No matter their purpose, one thing that is common amongst all of them is their anticipation to grow their account and see significant results for the hard work they are putting in. However, it’s not always that easy and clear to simply skid through the path and get the desired number of followers. Especially during this time when the competition is already at its peak and almost everyone has a profile and a motive to accomplish.

It is inevitable to feel demotivated and beaten up when you feel like you’re almost doing everything yet the numbers and the reach seem stuck.

We know it is easier said than done but sometimes not letting the numbers get to you and trying to alter your strategies may end up helping you and getting you out of this pit.

Here are a few ways to take notice of that may help your Instagram profile grow-

1.Engagement- Adequate engagement at the right time is not just imperative but necessary. The audience is more likely to respond and associate with your content if they feel like they are being noticed as well. As soon as you post your content, make sure to look out for reposts, comments and messages and be sure to respond to them and appreciate it. Engage with the followers through stories, polls, messages and make sure they feel heard and acknowledged.

2.Consistency It is significant that being a content creator, one realises the importance of consistency. That is posting at consistent time and hours so that your account seems reliable, sorted and organised. Inconsistency can drive people away easily and they may end up unfollowing you because of your inconsistent posts and engagement.

3.Content- Make sure that the content posted by you is being liked by the audience because at last you’re looking to impress your audience. Take note of comments and criticism you receive rather than dismissing it. Compare your work with other creators to see if there are points that you can improve on. Try to alter your approach towards content and see if there is any change in numbers. Don’t be afraid to take some risks and transgress boundaries as that is what makes you authentic and unique.

4.Violation- It doesn’t take a lot of negative points to come under Instagram’s red flag and get “shadow banned” which means your profile doesn’t appear in feeds or explore no matter how hard you try. Stay away from anything that seems illegal and fishy. This includes using skeptical softwares to illegally grow your account, engaging too much with other accounts, using hashtags that are banned, using tactics that Instagram is against or posting content that is demeaning and insensitive.

5.Quality- Make sure to focus on the quality of the content you are producing rather than the quantity. Do not try to create a lot of videos with minimalist effort and rather work on investing proper time and efforts into creating a video that seems to stand apart, appeal to the audience and attract them. It is always a good idea to try new trends, visual aesthetics, getting out of your comfort zone, and analysing what works best to grab everyone’s attention.

In the end it is all about having fun, making connections and doing what you genuinely love. Do not try to follow your competitors entirely because of their numbers as it works differently for everyone. Stay positive and patient while working hard. It may take a little longer than others but remember to not let it get to you rather just focus on creating quality content and posting consistently.

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