Social media has opened up different unique paths along with various opportunities for almost everyone no matter which field they belong from.

However, the confusion can be real when you just begin and there are so many ways, strategies and things to take care of. The primary one of them being content. The content that needs to be posted almost everyday with different ways and something unique to separate them each time gets really stressful. What one can do is check out the options they are provided with and then get some inspiration for their content based on that.

What are those different ways in the first place? Are they even similar and will one type of content suffice for them all?

Well, no. The ways are different and so, even the content made has to be differentiated from one another but they can still be similar. However, it is imperative to be aware of those ways and explore them so that you can use that to the best of its potential.

Here are the few different ways through which you can put your content out there on Instagram-

Posts (Pictures and Videos)– The same old posts that include sharing pictures of the content such as for travel, lifestyle, memes, food, etc. where one can simply share the images that they clicked, use hashtags and be done. Picture posts were initially the first thing that Instagram was known for. Over the years, Instagram gained its popularity from that and then expanded with other features. So, go ahead and keep it minimalist, simple and catchy to reach out to your audience.

Videos– You can share upto 10 videos in the carousel and add different videos of the same day, or same motive which will then turn out to be looking super attractive as well as engaging. However, it is recommended to not put so many videos all at once as you want the audience to give distinct proper attention to each video that you made with hard work. The fact that Instagram has also turned into being called a video sharing platform now just calls to the idea that sharing videos will be more effective and efficient.


Reels– Reels that came out in 2020, and was very similar to the app tik tok is just as fun, crisp, and engaging. One could share upto 30 seconds of short videos with captions, transitions and filters which has now increased upto 1 minute. These short reels have proven to be the most efficient out of all the ways as it sticks around for a good period of time, engages better with people and is just more fun to watch. One can use these to make short catchy snippets of their content and it will probably attract more views than you can ever anticipate.

IGTV– IGTV are of longer duration that goes upto 60 minutes and is for content that needs a longer period of time to be shared such as informative videos, cooking videos, lives, routines, interviews and what not. Even though reels capture more views these days but IGTV was OG and many still prefer to see that and engage with it.

Live sessions– One can also host live sessions on Instagram to directly engage with their audience, communicate with them, convey their ideas and showcase content. However lives only get saved if you want them to and it’s only better effective if one engages with it right when the live is going on. Thus, it is better to let the followers know of the live happening and promote it beforehand that is a couple of days before so that they can be prepared to watch when you finally go live.

Stories– Stories stick around for 24 hours even though one can save it in their highlights that people can always revisit but stories are to put out temporary in the moment content. However, it’s very easy and smooth to share your time with friends, communicate with the audience and engage with them. One can also use the in features for stories that is, put audios, stickers, polls, questions, filters and what not to make these stories seem appealing and catchy.

Here are a few simple ways through which one can put their content out on Instagram and it is always better to be entirely aware about the features and stay up to date with it as they keep altering and improving. Putting your content through all these ways and adopting new methods every time intrigues your audience and attracts them towards your content which is important for the profile’s growth.

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