Comments are the ways to give the feedback on your videos. Receiving more comments on your videos shows more interest of your audience and reflects a good image of your video to your new subscribers. So here are some tips to increase your comments on your videos.

1. Ask For It :- As easy as it sounds, just ask your viewers at the last of your video, about liking, sharing and commenting on your video. Ask them to mention in the comment about what they liked in your video, which content do they like the most, what type of content do they like to watch, who is their favorite character in your video. This will help you know more about your viewer’s choice and this will also increase the comments in your comment section.

2. Go with the Trend :- Video filmed on the trending topics are been watched more and people find it more interesting. Moreover people will love to give their opinions and views about the trending topics, you just need to ask them to share their views and they will surely comment on that.

3. Use viewer’s suggestions in your next video :- You can ask your viewers to suggest the content in the comment section so that you can know their views and you can further make video on those contents.

4. Dedicate a video replying to the comments :- You can film a basic video to reply to the comments of your viewers verbally. This will make your viewers feel special as you will say their name and read their comments and they will find it interesting to watch. This will let viewers to comment on your videos regularly.

5.Organize a Q & A Session :- Many YouTubers organize a Q & A session on their channel through a video where they answer the querries and to the questions of their viewers. Basically can be related to your personal life as well, so do not ignore those questions as people really want to know about your life and on answering such questions you will attract them to be your loyal viewers.

6. Don’t Ignore Existing Comments :- There can nothing be more worse than encouraging your viewers to comment and then not replying to their comments. This will make your viewers angry and forms a bad impact of yours in front of the viewers. Always reply to their comment by saying Thank you and giving them blessings.

7. Promote Discussions :- You can also start discussions on your videos on any trending topic, and see how fast your viewers reply to it, also you will come to know their views and opinions on the topics. This will increase the comments in your comment box with a healthy chat

8. Post Comments :- You can post your comments on other popular videos too, this will make you more interactive and through this their followers will also reach your channel and they may subscribe your channel too. Also like your viewers comments and reply them for sure by mentioning them.

YouTube is a vast platform to show up your talent and interact with your followers. Follow these steps to get more regular comments.

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