Instagram story feature is a blessing for struggling YouTube bloggers. Through this they can grab attention by uploading some interesting stuff as Instagram is been used by most of the population. Update them with every incident happening with you, tell them about the plans of the day.

So, here are some tips you can follow about what you can add in your Instagram story :-

1. Share Behind-the-scenes content :- You can share behind the scene contents of your YouTube videos regularly so that it creates an interesting content, show them how you have worked in your video, share the number of takes you took to film the video, share the funny moments, share the locality etc. Through this people will know how hard you have worked to entertain them. Also this will grab the attention of audience. So, next time when you shoot a video, do not let your bloopers waste, instead edit them too and post on your Instagram stories.

2. Exclusive Giveaways :- To encourage your viewers, offer them certain gifts which you can give them, by updating them about an Instagram contest, where you can play games on Instagram itself with your viewers through your stories, this will increase viewers interest towards and they will also take part in it. After the contest, update the winners on your Instagram itself and send them the giveaways which you promised to gift them.

3. Update your viewers about your upcoming video on Instagram :- Update your audience on Instagram about what will be your next content, what are the characters you are going to play, and what is the motive of your next video. This will make your audience more curious about your video. When you finally upload the video, make sure to update your viewers about your video. This will give you instant views and likes on your videos. Update them again and again by making different stories.

4. Allow your audience to help you designing new content :- You can poll on Instagram about your next content by giving them choice between two contents and let your audience decide what they wanted to watch in your next video, or you can also ask them by uploading story in a question form, this will help you know your audience more about their thought process and you can further make videos of their choice.

Millions of people use Instagram daily, so the story feature is the perfect way to update your audience with you to grab their attention. So follow these steps to promote your YouTube videos.

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