Every New year, people all across the world take new resolutions and set new goals and restart their life with a fresh vibe. Infact, there is no better time to establish new goals for your YouTube Channel !

What do you want your YouTube channel look like the next year? Do you want twice as many subscribers ? Do you want to get famous more ? Do you want to interact with the people from other countries too ? Then , here are some tips which you can follow to achieve all the above goals.

1. Create a Vision Board :- Vision board will help you remind your goal regularly, it will help you not to get distracted from your goals which you have to achieve. It will motivate you and this strategy has been proved by many of them. Seeing your goals in front of you regularly encourage you to fulfill them. In order to make your vision board you must carry following things :-
* Poster board, to set up a base,then find a quiet place where you can think about your goals peacefully. Set your goals which you can achieve in this year frankly and start writing on the board. Set your goals at a high level such and straight forward such as this time you need to get more and more subscribers other than growing your channel. You can print or paste the cut-outs of the images related to your goals such as motivating quotes which may end up motivating you.

2. Set up Smart Goals :- Now that you have set up your goals already, now you need to work on them smartly and you have to be more concentrated about it. Many successful people work on their goals smartly and in a well defined manner. Smart goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Firstly, make your goals specific rather and try not to get distract from your goal.

3. Remove Distractions from your life :- Try to remove distraction from your life, distractions pull you down and this distracts you from your work. Also, do not listen to people who pull you down, because people may give you wrong advice so that you may not get succeed. Also, remove distractive things from your life and try to spend time alone so that you can think more about the content.

4. Find a accountability partner :- Find a accountability partner, ask your other blogger friends to help you about setting your goals. Try to take their advice and apply it in your life.

5. Make your audience a part of it :- Try to involve your followers into your videos. This will generate interest in your followers and make them feel special and they will also feel loved by you which will grow your fan following.

If you want to crush your YouTube goals in 2019, create a vision board and then set SMART goals. Remove distractions from your work life and recruit a friend as an accountability partner.

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