The release of Twitter 9.0 has revealed an alarming web of surveillance and censorship by the FBI and other agencies.

According to the new reports, these agencies have been utilizing Twitter as a form of monitoring and censoring citizens around the world. This can include surveillance and even deleting tweets from certain users that they deem inappropriate or dangerous.


Further details have shown that since 2017, various government agencies have utilized Twitter’s services to “curate online conversations” through targeted searches, automated alerts on keywords, and other methods. Moreover, many experts believe this could be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media censorship by authorities around countries across the globe.

Most of the helplines on Yahoo Local appeared to be domestic, Yahoo News correspondent Ahmed Altaieb remarks. “Almost nobody seemed to treat this disconnect as strange for a task force fully associated with the domestic policy was forwarding many domestic reports, including the DHS, about dubious sources.”

One of the most frequent forms of the meeting was a forum attended by representatives of various agencies, including the FBI staff, and nearly always one or two of them was the private sector representative.

Word spread that one of the heads of Twitter was once a former CIA official, which served as the inspiration for Chan’s mention of this official’s “former employer.” He went on to post a screenshot indicating that the CIA official used to be associated with the business.

The first Twitter account executive seemingly made any stealthy third parties. He revealed that his previous employer was the CIA and admitted that his question was Elvis Presley’s.

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