According to recent reports, Twitter is planning to implement restrictions on the number of direct messages (DMs) that non-Blue users can send per day. Leaker Alessandro Paluzzi shared this information on Twitter, stating that Twitter is working on limiting the number of DMs before requiring users to sign up for Twitter Blue, the platform’s subscription service.

What was the feature yet and what does the new update say?

Twitter's new update to only let Blue users send DMs to non-followers

As rumours suggest, when non-Twitter Blue users reach the set limit, they will receive a message titled “Get verified to send more messages.” The message will notify users that they have reached the maximum limit for DMs in a single day and encourage them to subscribe to Twitter Blue in order to continue messaging, according to IANS. Although the current limit is set at 500 DMs per day, Paluzzi speculates that this limit may be further reduced when the feature is officially rolled out. The intention behind this move is to motivate users to subscribe to Twitter Blue, thereby maintaining their ability to send DMs beyond the specified limit.

It is now announced that Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter is expected to introduce this feature exclusively to Twitter Blue users. This feature will restrict the ability to send DMs to individuals who do not follow the sender. It is likely aimed at providing enhanced control and privacy for users who subscribe to the premium service. Additionally, Musk revealed that Twitter has plans to compensate content creators on the platform for the advertisements displayed within their replies. This initiative acknowledges the value and contribution of these creators, offering them potential opportunities for monetization.

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