Spammers and Bots have been an ongoing issue of Platform X (twitter). To address this issue , Elon Musk has announced a new subscription model known as “Not A Bot”. This subscription costs only $1 per year for its basic features. This new model is set to revolutionize the interaction of people with this social media giant.

“Not A Bot” subscription will discourage the automated bots and malicious spammers from flooding the platform, by charging users with nominal fee for several key features, which includes likes, reposts, quoting other accounts’ posts and bookmarking posts. This will promote a healthier online environment.

The subscription fee will depend on the exchange rates in different countries to make sure of the fairness and accessibility of the platform. These features will initially be available to users of select regions like the New Zealand and Philippines, then later on it will be gradually rolled out to other regions.

This new subscription model won’t make any changes to the existing users of the platform. The platform will work the same for the existing users and they can enjoy all the features as usual. The new users who don’t choose to subscribe will have limited features, they will be able to only read and view the posts and follow other users. 

In July, X had already introduced tweet viewing limits as bots had already been a matter of concern for Elon Musk.

The new reports reveal that the new testing of three subscription tiers based on number of advertisements shown to users had already been discussed between X CEO Linda Yaccarino and X’s lenders. This proves that X is going to providing range of subscription options to the users according to their needs. 

In conclusion, the introduction of the new subscription model “Not A Bot” marks a significant step to create a genuine social media experience. With a very little nominal fee for subscription and target to eliminate spammers and bots. X’s aim is to foster meaningful interactions on the platform. As the process of rolling out begins it will be interesting to see how this new model reshapes the look of this social media giant.

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