Crayta, a Roblox-like game development platform that enables you to make and play games with your friends in real-time, is coming to Facebook Gaming’s cloud streaming service, Meta said today. Crayta, according to the business, is an easy-to-use developer toolkit that makes game development more accessible, whether on mobile or desktop.

In June 2021, the business purchased Unit 2 Games, the studio behind Crayta. The deal’s financial parameters were not disclosed. However, the acquisition included the whole Unit 2 Games crew. Crayta was initially a Google Stadia exclusive, but it was released on the Epic Games Store last year.

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“Historically, if you wanted to have something like this run in this high quality of a 3D environment, that would be hard to render in a browser or on phones,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a video about the launch. “But being able to do it with cloud infrastructure and then send it down across the network after having already rendered it in the cloud is a pretty big advance.”

Crayta is now accessible to play via Facebook Gaming’s cloud streaming service, which eliminates the requirement for gamers to download the game on their computer. Instead, anyone with a Facebook account can use the free-to-play game creation platform.

Crayta’s platform may be used to build and publish a basic multiplayer game in as little as 15 minutes, according to the business, without requiring any coding or other technical expertise. Furthermore, the platform allows up to 20 individuals to work on games simultaneously. In addition, Zuckerberg said that Facebook Gaming is expanding its portfolio of cloud games to Western Europe as part of the presentation. Meta describes this as a significant step forward for the firm, saying that the same infrastructure will be used to offer metaverse experiences across Meta’s platforms in the future.

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