Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently chastised video streaming provider YouTube for having too many adverts on their platform. Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday, “YouTube appears to be constant fraud commercials.” Musk chastised YouTube for the volume of advertisements it serves to its users, calling it all a ruse. The tweet drew much attention from the audience almost immediately after it was released.

Fans agreed with Musk and requested that he purchase YouTube in addition to his multibillion-dollar Twitter transaction. Musk responded to his tweet with a meme attacking YouTube’s advertisements and how the firm responds when there is an apparent fraud going on throughout its platform.

YouTube Advertising in 2022- How to Advertise on YouTube | Wyzowl

According to Mashable, YouTube has been accused of intentionally milking videos for views and money, and an Australian court has even sanctioned the company. YouTube makes a lot of money through commercials and Premium Membership. Still, after Musk’s statement, the site has received a lot of flak on social media, even though YouTube has yet to respond to Musk’s remark.

Elon Musk has been a frequent Twitter user for some time and has been the subject of various controversies. Musk recently warned Twitter to get out of the multi-million dollar arrangement owing to a conflict with the company’s management.

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