Your Facebook account is a private location that should not be accessed without your consent. However, it is pretty unusual for Facebook accounts to be hacked. So often do you read postings from your pals claiming that their account has been compromised? What happens if you wake up one day to find that your Facebook account has been hacked? It’s terrifying to realize that someone you don’t know has illegally accessed your photos, texts, and other personal information. But don’t worry since there are ways to regain access to your account.

2022 | Facebook Hack? Get Your Account Back!

What Can You Do?

Someone can only gain access to your Facebook account by guessing your password or utilizing their hacking abilities. There are several techniques to determine if your account has been hacked. According to Facebook, you should be concerned if your email or password has changed, your name or birthdate has changed, and friend requests have been issued to individuals you don’t know. You sent messages that you did not send. Posts or advertisements have been created that you did not produce.

After determining that your account has been hacked, the first thing you should do is reset your password.

  • Go to “Privacy and Settings.”
  • Choose “Password and Security”
  • Then click “Change Password.”
  • Make a mental note of your one-time password.

You can also check the list of devices you are signed in on the same “Password and Security” page.

  • Click on the “Where You’re Logged in” list.
  • Suppose you discover a device that does not belong to you or a system you have not used. In that case, you must delete your account from that system immediately.
  • Select Suspicious Login
  • Then follow the steps that Facebook will show you as you move.

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If the tips mentioned above work, you can also contact Facebook via their help page. Navigate to the Password and Security page and select “Get Help.” Next, go to if the hacker has logged you out of your account. You will be prompted to provide the phone number associated with your Facebook account. Suppose the number you enter matches your registered phone number. In that case, Facebook will assist you in regaining access to your Facebook account.


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