Are you an aspiring YouTube creator who has for so long had this dream of starting your own YouTube channel and making money by following your passion? Or maybe you’re already an existing creator, working tirelessly to create the best possible content for your audience, however, as you stare at the figures showing less than what you had hoped for, you start to wonder if all the effort is worth it. Stop trying your best to figure it out by yourself – this article is intended for just you! Ytviews: Your Trusted Views has it all figured out as we go in-depth into what exactly led the very best on the platform such as Bhuvan Bam, Dhruv Rathee, CarryMinati, and Technical Guruji to become the stars they are today, peeling back the layers of success to present the bull’s eye of phenomenal numbers.

In the huge land of the digital world, YouTube today plays a key part in the growth of content creators who turn into stars in this realm. Even though there is a lot of variety of content that is already available, it is possible to make an impact and keep the audience glued with you as long as you find a way to stand out amongst all these. This article intends to provide you with a complete guide to YouTube, helping you to steer through its complexity and, ultimately, to stick to your own course of creating a particular yet understandable YouTube channel that will attract your audience.

Choosing the correct domain of content is of maximum importance

You might have heard the quote “You only get noticed when you walk away from the crowd”. Well, this quote stands true for YouTube too. If you add a unique ingredient to your dish, your customers will remember the taste and its aftertaste for a long time. In other words, if you start creating content on YouTube in a domain where there already are well-established competitors who already hold good knowledge about the segment, it becomes very very tough to reach the top. Despite your content being good, you will find it difficult to succeed. But, if you start making content on a segment, that has not been explored or has very less competitors, the possibility of growth is very high. 

People say that there is everything available on YouTube and there is no unexplored segment. However, that is a myth. There are always going to be new and unexplored segments that you can take advantage of. The gaming industry boomed, only a few years ago whereas YouTube has been in the market for over 15 years. This is the epitome that there are always going to be unexplored industries, you just have to put in the work to find what suits you, and the best content possible for that segment.

If you want to set up a Punjabi restaurant in a locality where there already are 10 Punjabi restaurants that have been running for over 10 years, what are your likes of succeeding? Despite having good food, the likes will be low. Hence, it is very important to identify a niche in which your voice can be heard. Your content has to impress your audience and be able to make them go crazy after watching your videos.

Focus on adding value to your audience

Defining Your Target Audience: Showcasing with Examples | Sender

Diversity and uniqueness are a must, but being relevant too is of utmost importance. You surely cannot be selling winter jackets on a hot afternoon at a sunny beach in Goa and wanting to be successful just because it is unique and there is no one else doing it, right? Before starting with making your content, you should be aware of whether the topic that you chose will amuse or grab the interest of an audience or not. Consequently, your domain naming should be unique enough while at the same time relevant in relation to the target audience which would ensure that they get hooked to your content as well as retain a fresh perspective.

This can be achieved by identifying areas where the audience will gain value from your offering. Whilst the definition of value itself varies in several ways – from pure educational and informative content to funny videos and so on – the types of content available on YouTube are neither limited nor exhausting. Through the identification of the information preferences that make your content outstanding, you can compel a loyal following. In addition, implementing something that touches the right cord of your target audience might be a good idea. This can be in the form of interests, aspirations, or pain points. For instance, if your line of content is fitness, you could focus on what unusual ways you can cover your topics in sports nutrition, the mindset and even the unorthodox workout plans that achieve the aims and dreams of your followers.

Lastly, that is the major secret to gaining success on YouTube; is having a blend of relevant and unique content. Accept your varied nature and check that your content is unique but still attractive to your audience. This musical blend is indeed the key. It can help you not only to grab their attention, but you can even distinguish yourself in this extremely ultra-competitive marketplace.

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