Instagram is presently changing the look of the app’s main Reels page, with users in India now seeing a new ‘Following’ option beneath the main Reels feed. Indian users now have a ‘Following’ option a side-swipe away, as shown in this sample uploaded by app researcher Salman Memon, allowing another method to peruse through your latest Reels footage in different categories.

Instagram adds a ‘Following’ pop up in the Reels tab

This technique is similar to TikTok’s ‘Following’ and ‘For You’ feeds, with the algorithmically recommended clips in ‘For You’ allowing the app to offer a considerably wider range of popular video clips. TikTok’s success has been based on this. Rather than restricting your content streams to your personal network, TikTok can find the greatest content on any topic and present it to you depending on your preferences. While you can browse through the latest uploads from individuals you know and like, many users find that the basic ‘For You’ stream is enough to satisfy their short-form video needs.

With its Reels tab feed, Reels has adopted a similar tactic, with content from creators you follow now being placed into your main IG feed display. However, with this alternate feed strategy, you’d have a more Reels-specific way of checking out clips from the accounts you follow, which might help drive engagement by leveraging the short-form video trend even more.

Even said, TikTok’s true special sauce is its algorithm, which is becoming increasingly good at understanding what you like and presenting you more of it.


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