Your business must have a social media strategy backed by a social media budget. A social media budget mainly means the amount of revenue that you spend on social media marketing over a period of time.

Your social media budget plan should consist of the following components:

1. Content Creation – This comprises of photography and video production, hiring influencers or creators, production expenses, graphic design, editing, copywriting, etc.

2. Software and other tools – This will include designing and editing tools, project management tools, social media management tools, social media monitoring tools, competitive analysis tools, social advertising tools, etc.

3. Social media campaigns – Of course you can start with free tools to share organic content and engage with the audience across your social media accounts. But you should also consider mixing social advertising to it like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads, Snapchat ads, Tiktok ads, Messenger ads and others.

Other investments include influencer marketing, training and social strategy and management as per your business needs.

Let us now understand how to create a power pact social media budget plan:

Understand your goals 

Every successful marketing strategy starts with clear and well-thought-out goals. You need to have a clear idea of how much budget to assign to social media for what you want to achieve and act accordingly. Set goals which are attainable, realistic and lucid. Specific goals tied to perceivable results allow you to measure the value that social media brings to your table, so you can determine an appropriate amount to spend on your desired areas and also adjust your budget whenever needed.

Create a social media strategy 

After deciding on your targets, determine a reasonable amount to spend on each part of it moving forward with your strategy. It should be based on real data and solid planning. Planning blatantly will take you no where and leave you strangled. Creating a strategy and following it without making any updates is a big mistake. Since the world is constantly evolving, you too have to be ready to change with it.


The most important step after spending the capital is reviewing. Regularly examining your expenses over a period is substantial for your business. Compile a list of all your specific social marketing expenses from previous periods, and analyze is its working for you.

Tailor your own strategy and budget and make the most of it. Thanks for reading.


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