In the realm of social media, the number of followers has become a metric of success and influence. The number of followers on social media is important for brand or career growth because it signifies reach and influence. A larger follower count indicates a wider audience potential, allowing for greater visibility and exposure to your content or brand. It can attract potential customers, clients, or employers, demonstrating credibility and authority in your field.

A substantial follower base provides social proof, showcasing popularity and trustworthiness. This can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities for growth. As a result, some individuals resort to buying cheap followers from cheat sites in an attempt to boost their follower count quickly. However, engaging in such practices can have severe consequences and negatively impact your account, potentially leading to a permanent ban.

How does buying cheap followers from cheap sites have a negative impact on your account?

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Low-quality dead account + Bot accounts

Cheat sites that offer cheap followers often rely on fake or low-quality accounts. These accounts are typically created by bots or individuals who have no genuine interest in your content. As a result, your account ends up with a large number of followers who are inactive, unengaged, or even non-existent. This diminishes the credibility and value of your account.

Such cheap sites also provide bot followers by utilizing automated software programs, commonly known as bots, to create and manage fake accounts. These bots are programmed to generate follower counts quickly, but they lack genuine engagement or interest in the content being shared.

Decrease in Engagement

Buying cheap followers might temporarily inflate your follower count, but it does not translate into genuine engagement. Engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares are crucial for building a loyal audience and gaining real influence. Fake followers will not engage with your content, leaving your account with a low engagement rate. Social media algorithms prioritize engagement, so a lack of it can negatively impact your reach and visibility.

Waste of resources

Buying dead or bot followers is not only ethically questionable, but it is also a waste of resources. You may spend money on purchasing followers that do not provide any value to your account. Not only money, you also invest another crucial resource that is in much-much demand today – ‘Time’.


Social media platforms are becoming increasingly sophisticated in detecting fake or low-quality accounts. If the platform’s algorithms detect a significant influx of fake followers on your account, it may flag it as suspicious activity. This can result in algorithmic penalties, leading to reduced reach and limited exposure to your genuine audience. In severe cases, it can even lead to a permanent ban, effectively destroying your online presence.

What makes Ytviews different?

Ytviews is a platform, established and managed by Engineers that have developed organically ethical and reliant mediums to promote your content to a very diversified audience. At Ytviews, you don’t place orders, you place campaigns. These campaigns are further processed by our technical team which views your content and authorises it. These campaigns are then full-fledged and run by promoting them in our highly developed and connected worldwide network.

This simply means that all the engagement you get on your account will be actual people viewing your profile. A lot will also depend upon the type of content you post, to make those people loyal to your work. But what we guarantee is, that you will get your required engagement from the required target audience that you are looking for. Yes, you read that right. Ytviews has customised and designated campaigns which implies that your content is promoted to the audience that is interested in the domain that you are working on. This domain is allocated by us during the authorisation process.

Nevertheless, Ytviews does not ask for any confidential information about your account, unlike many other websites that are looking to steal data. All we ask for is the link to the post or account that you feel to get engagement on. And after that, it’s all upon us to do the magic. And don’t worry, we practice 100% organic methods that do not hurt any sentiments of any social media platform. So forget about a negative impact, it will rather alert the algorithm that your posts are gaining attention and indirectly the algorithm will make your account appear in more users’ feeds.



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