YouTube, a popular social media marketing platform, hasn’t failed to fascinate the audience with its new features so far. The users have experienced the entry of several new features to the platform in recent years. The addition and deletion of YouTube features, of course, are majorly governed by the audience’s taste. Right? And now, what’s new to the platform? Well, if you haven’t heard of YouTube stories’ departure from the platform, here you go!

A Farwell to ‘YouTube Stories’ feature 

Out of several innovative ways to create content on YouTube, this ‘story feature’ is one of the easiest ways to do so. However, the new updates insist on focusing more on community posts and long-form videos rather than stories. YouTube mentions that users won’t have access to the story feature from June 26th. The concern and the effort to give shorts and community posts priority has generated the idea of bidding story feature farewell.

Moreover, due to the low usage of this story feature, YouTube isn’t expecting much disappointment from the user’s side. Rather the removal of this feature would deviate whatever small audience stories have to community posts and long-form videos. So, it’s a win-win.

Gateway to Video Magic’s New Era

YouTube shorts and community posts are seen as a better idea to spread information among users and to promote the content. The new guidelines have attempted to provide more access to community posts while stressing the use of editing tools. And for creators who prefer posting short videos have the YouTube shorts option to reach their target audience.

‘YouTube stories feature’ was launched, of course, to align the platform with the stories trend. However, the ‘stories feature’ doesn’t seem to grab much attention from the audience. Community posts, live videos, long-form content, and shorts seem to work best in terms of disseminating useful information and driving traffic toward the platform. Moreover, features like quizzes, polls, and filters have already been a big hit on YouTube.

Although the audience can’t access the YouTube stories option any longer, there are better ways to create and market the content. So, explore the potential of available features till then and wait for what’s coming next!




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