Twitter is the leading social networking service, which is currently owned and operated by billionaire Elon Musk. Twitter is fun for users who like posting images, videos which they refer to as tweets. The platform provides a genuine service to users to share their opinions. Also, it helps companies to grow their businesses and make profits.

How will Cannabis Startups use Twitter to leverage their business? 

Recently, there’s been news of Twitter being kind to allow US cannabis companies to market their products on the platform. Earlier, cannabis didn’t have access to several federal funds. Cannabis companies have been struggling to fit in the market and find customers.

In the previous year, there has been information about posting around 20 million tweets associated with cannabis products. And now, of course, since the policies are changing, there are more chances and opportunities to draw the attention of cannabis consumers toward the platform.

Although there has been an upsurge in awareness about cannabis products, ultimate leverage is needed to boost business and expand revenue. The promotions and the advertisement will, of course, be paid. Nonetheless, the cannabis companies are thankful to Twitter as such products are typically prohibited from being advertised in any way.

Additionally, advertising on big platforms like Twitter may turn out to be a big leverage for them. Cannabis companies also convinced TechCrunch by saying that it has huge potential to generate revenue for the social media industry also. However, the permission has been granted under clearly defined rules and guidelines.

And it is obvious to clarify the advertising policy of selling products that include CBD, THC, or other similar forms of cannabis. Cannabis startups have tried to spread knowledge of cannabis products before actually aiming to generate money.

Cannabis startup hoping to become part of the global business so far. There aren’t many social media platforms that actually allow the promotion of cannabis products. Coming up with the idea of promoting cannabis startups is not an ordinary step for one of the most loved and successful social media platforms like, Twitter.

Not to mention, Twitter’s effort to break the existing stereotype about advertising such products is indeed praiseworthy. However, cannabis companies still need to make their way to other popular platforms.










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