Good lighting is very essential for a good video as camera do not capture as same things as your eyes do. Setting up lights is as easy as switching on lights. Lighting your videos will make it more attractive and this will help you get more likes and views.

Here are some tips which you can follow to increase your lighting sources and your videos more attractive.

1. Take inventory of the light sources in your location :- As soon as you enter into the room where you are going to film your video, you need to first look where are the windows, filming directly in front of the window will never give you a good lightning, but having a window to the side will bring you a good lighting.
If you are filming in a new location then you should first visit the location and see if there is any window or if there is any window or not or there is any source of natural lights or not.

2. Think about some minor changes you can make to improve the lighting sources :- Getting more lights for your videos can be very simple. You just need to get some perfect lights like you can have a lamp beside you and you can shoot with a perfect lights. Consider having fairy lights and small lights in your background. This will make your videos look more attractive.
you can also manipulate the lights by bouncing the lights. Many filmmakers have white posters and screens to bounce the light in such a way that it gives a perfect lighting to the frame. You may need another person to hold the screens while you will film the video.

3.Set up your light structure using Three points :-
Every blogger should be familiar of three points when setting up the light. The major three points are the The Key light, The Fill light, The Back light.
The Key Light :- The key light is the primary light which should be placed in front of the subject in order to give harsh shadows. This will focus the subject and the subject will be visible clearly.
The Fill Light :- Illuminate your dark side of the subject with a fill light. This is a secondary light, the fill light controls the over feeling of your shot. The brighter the fill light is the more clear will be your frame. Moreover if you want a harsh shadow then go for a dim fill light.
The Back light :- The back light add dimensions to your shot. Choose a light source that can be pointed at the back of your subject but kept out of the shot. A higher light is good for it so you can choose a bright and a tall lamp for it.

4. Control your light using Diffusers and Flags :- Since now you have enough lights to make your video bright, now its time to decide the amount of light you want to use in your video so you can use diffuser and flags to control the amount of light.
If you want to cut the light directly from the source use diffuser. A sheet can be a good diffuser as it will bounce the light. Try to hang it over the bulb so that it diffuses the light in a proper manner. Through this quality of a light will change.
If you want to retain a hard quality of the light use flags. You can make flags through posters or dark fabric so that it can block the amount of unnecessary light.

These are some points which will help you manage the lights to make your videos brighter. So follow these steps while filming your video.

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