Marketing your videos really effect your views in a positive way, through marketing you can promote your videos and this may help you getting more new subscribers and increasing views.Here are steps which you can follow to market your upcoming video.

1. Form an identity on YouTube :- Bring more and more people to your channel by commenting on their videos and mentioning your channel on that, request them to visit to your channel and say few good words about them, follow this strategy and comment on as many videos as you can. Subscribe to other channels, start liking the videos and comment on them. Moreover share your content to all social media sites this will help you increase your views.

2. Form Playlists :- After uploading few videos on your channel, create a playlist of your videos which contains a sequence of your video, so that whenever your followers open up your channel they may open the playlist and start watching your videos continuously. This will help you increasing your watch time and your views on the videos.

3. Enable embeds and start promoting the channel :- Allow other people to share your video by allowing them to embed the link of the videos. This will tell your viewers that you want them to share your videos, moreover this will show viewers involvement in your videos. The more people will share your videos, the more you will get the attention.

4. Get comfortable with YouTube analytics :- Make sure to follow the analytics of your YouTube content and videos, this will help you find how many people are viewing your video and how easy is your channel to find. Once you get comfortable with this data you will be able to explore and give more exposure to your channel.

5. Create a website :- A website plays an important role to get famous. Create a website which contains information about your channel, contents and videos about your channel, your day of starting and your progress. Create a very positive website so that this may reflects a positive and a good image of your channel. Also this will help you reach more people on your channel.

6. Compose an email list :- By creating a website you can ask viewers to send there email id, through this you can send them email about important details of your channel and update them with the links containing your videos. Also you can update them through E-mail about your upcoming video or latest video. This will help you grabbing instant views and likes.

These tips will surely help you market your videos and grabbing more and more likes on your videos.

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