An interesting topic is really necessary for your channel to grow. You should decide a very trendy topic every time and something relatable to your audience. Here are some tips through which you can decide what to film for your audience and what type of content they may like to watch.

1. Popular Contents :- Go to your video sections and arrange them according to their popularity. Analyse what type of content does your audience like more and which contents have got highest views and comments. Also read viewers comments may be they have mentioned about their interests on your videos.

2. Something New :- Try something new, try to get involve with something different and make your viewers update abut it, so that they may not get bore with same type of contents. This will help your viewers maintain their interests. For example :- If you are constantly making funny videos, you can switch over to something scary. This will make your viewers grow their interest towards your channel

3. Film those videos, you enjoy making the most :- Always go with your heart, as they say. So try to make such videos which makes you happy and you enjoy making the most. As these videos will be fun and will give you a positive vibe, plus you will yourself enjoy it so much that you will give perfect shots and people will also enjoy watching them. This will also show how passionate you are while doing your work.

Finding your niche is all about what you and your viewers are passionate about. So find a content which makes you and your audience happy. Once you know what kind of content you should film, your channel will surely grow rapidly.

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