For the past decade, social media has been an excellent resource for businesses.  Brands use it for engaging with existing and new customers, showcasing expertise, and promoting messages or services. Live social media features are effective tools for organizations and individuals from different industries. If you are smart there are many ways you can successfully use this for your business. Many small and medium enterprises have found it to be a wonderful to do business and attract customers.

Following the coronavirus outbreak changing and challenging how businesses function today and in the forthcoming months, along with the significance of having an online presence, a business owner needs consistent and constant communication with their audience. Using Instagram live can help their audiences in knowing them and also understanding the worth of their services.

Instagram Live has gained immense popularity ever since its foray and below are the reasons why it should be considered.



  • Visibility – You may not be aware that more than 70% of posts on Instagram do not get seen. It equals too much wasted effort, mainly because one is investing a fair amount into their strategy. A story helps combat this problem by placing their content above their followers feeds, yet Instagram Live takes this a step further. The moment one goes live on Instagram, their stream is visible in that same place as that of a story, except that Instagram Live offers some special privileges.

Live streams are ahead of the storyline that gives one a fair chance of receiving views. They are also highlighted, and this, in turn, increases interest and also draws to watch. Finally, InstagramLive is a push notification enabled, which means a follower having the feature on will receive an alert each time one begins a live stream. It will increase awareness significantly and also develop one’s potential to reach.


  • Engagement – Stories on Instagram, compared to Instagram posts, generate more engagement as they result in a conversation. The user DM, instead of merely like that, paves the way for new connectivity. The Instagram Live helps in an opening higher potential for conversation. You can ask viewers queries and let them look into your business. Above all, this is two-way communication.

You can respond to their audience as this takes place in real-time. Instagram Live has another feature that makes it engaging, and it is none other than its long-form. Regular stories on Instagram are of 60 seconds, while Live can extend it to an hour, thus offering one more choice to pick from regarding content and decrease their chances of drop off.

  • Get Immediate Notification-  A key benefit of Instagram Live is that it will offer every follower notification the moment one goes live. It means their followers cannot miss out on their live video. Besides, this can also help in creating urgency for encouraging their followers to watch it immediately. The good news is, if there are not enough followers, one can easily buy followers on Instagram from a reliable source like . 


  • Get Feedbacks in Real-Time – Today, one can share their skills and content in various ways, such as social media posts, media placements, and presentations. In traditional media, one may get questions and comments from potential and existing clients that can help them hone their skills and understand the needs of their clients. With the help of Instagram Live, one can have that unique opportunity of learning what their clients think regarding their content and in real-time.

When users tune into one’s live session, they will be able to like, comment, or respond to their content at the moment. They can type their question in the comment section, thereby giving one the chance to respond or offer clarity that too in real-time. Again if the client feels comfortable sharing his/her experience, one can host individual sessions live on Instagram by co-hosting with present clients. It will offer one’s other followers on social media the chance to experience their work and potentially increase the worth of their services.

  • Create Evergreen Content – Last but not least, Instagram Live offers the ability to use one’s live broadcast for creating a different form of content for sharing with their audience. In the case of recording live on Facebook, the session will be accessible for downloading later on. One can then possess the power of transforming their event into excellent content that can be distributed on different platforms from YouTube to their email listserv. It will boost the followers one has on any other social media platform and boost their engagement among current and potential clients beyond social media. 

Instagram Live being live and interactive allows businesses to indirectly communicating with followers authentically. As there is no pausing and editing, it will enable brands to present their messaging and ideas transparently.

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