In India alone, whatsapp is the high market messaging app which is highly popular and used as the top messaging app in india. It has a wide user base of around 400 million people using  whatsapp alone in India. As a result the company has launched a center/hub managing the user privacy and policy control which takes processes to insure user safety in India. This is dubbed as ‘ Safety in India’. 

It is available as a standalone portal and highlights the advantages of employing end-to-end encryption and provides information on capabilities like two-step authentication and the option to add a security layer to safeguard WhatsApp communications using fingerprint or face recognition.

The help center states that – “Whatsapp has made several products to enhance user privacy and user security. Besides continuous product innovations, over the years we have also consistently invested in state-of-the-art technology, artificial intelligence, data scientists, etc to ensure user safety.”

The safety in India resource center contains subjects related to internet safety, privacy, and security. It contains features like end-to-end encryption which is used to safeguard a user messages, photographs, videos and many other things as well.

The resource hub also emphasises Touch ID or Face ID which offers its users the ability to add another layer of security to their accounts. Besides all this, the resource hub also includes the functionality of forward limits to limit forwarding the fake News among the users.

The resource hub also explains the method of blocking any contacts if they found them inappropriate and if they encounter any problematic situations. 

In addition to this, the resource hub also includes  other privacy features like disappearing messages, view one, flash calls, admin controls, and end to end encrypted backup have been explained on the ‘Safety in India’ resource hub.

To prevent the abuse in India, whatsapp has appointed a grievance officer in India, who can be contacted whenever the user faces any abuse or if the user has any concern regarding their safety.Whatsapp admits that it has zero tolerance for Child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and other sexual  abuse material. 

Furthermore, the resource centre or hub in India also gave some clarifications about the leak messages. According to the app, end-to-end encryption technology used by WhatsApp helps to keep conversations private between a sender and a receiver for all personal messages in transit within WhatsApp to help protect against WhatsApp and third parties from reading them. Undelivered messages, stated by resource hub, are deleted from their servers after 30 days. 

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