With so many categories and niches, it is tough at times to realise which niche would suit you the best but because of a time crunch and a temporary enthusiasm, you might have gone ahead with an idea which may not be serving you well in the present. However, it is never too late to rebrand your identity on youtube or merge another in it so as to turn your channel’s branding. 


However, what is the right way to go about it without making your current audience unsubscribe your channel or get driven away with this decision of yours? Your altering the personality and the idea of your brand could be a major decision impacting your growth which is why it is necessary to actually be certain about the decision along with carrying it meticulously so that no hassle gets created.


Here are some ways that you can adopt if you want to rebrand your channel without driving away your audience- 


Research and be certain about your idea- 

It needs to be clear that what you are trying to envision in terms of rebranding is actually what you want and that you are entirely aligned with it. It could be another passion or hobby of yours but be sure that this is what you are willing to do for the long run. Research about the same by looking up famous youtubers and vloggers in the niche to see how they work around and assess if you fit in well with that. 


Create a plan and make the transition smooth- 

Make sure that you have a plan ready beforehand so that you do not get stuck anywhere. Create a scheduled table along with a list of ideas and inspirations that you are willing to experiment on and work on. Another thing that you need to work on is making the transition of your rebranding smoother that is to not right away jump from one niche to another without any notice. Make sure that the transition is seamless such as you can start creating videos that are a blend of both the categories and then swiftly move to the other category. 


Inform the viewers and keep them in loop- 

Transparency and authenticity is a good thing that is appreciated. You could make a short video sharing your journey and then mentioning this swift change. You could keep the video real or even fun while highlighting points as to why you’d like to change your niche. Some may resonate with it and some might not but it will help them understand where you are coming from and make them feel a part of your journey. 


Keep the transition slow and seamless so that you can see how it goes initially, and then be sure to take feedback along with engaging with your audience and your friends about the same. If you are certain about the rebranding then stay true to it. It might take some time picking off but eventually it will show you the results. 

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