As it is evident that Social media is not just a place for entertainment and marketing but it is a dimension of its own. For many creators and influencers who spend hours and hours on these platforms, it is no less than their homes that they spend all their efforts on, decorate, furnish, get guests, showcase their creativity, and use it for so much more.  


However, even if one compares it with their actual home then they know that they need to maintain a decorum and etiquette just like they would in their actual surroundings. These ettiquetes define the ethics and the values that the profile holds and the presence that it emits. It also brings in more audience towards your channel and attracts a huge traffic especially because the audience starts resonating with the impactful social presence. 


This is why it is imperative to follow social media etiquettes so that a decorum can be maintained and nothing inappropriate instance occurs-


Do not spam or overuse CTA- 

Do not spam your audience with repetitive content or CTA such as prompting and imposing the call to action on them multiple times as it can be a major reason they get driven away from your content. “Please please share my content” is not a phrase that will appeal to your audience or make them any more likely to share and engage with your content. Not to mention it will also lower down the quality, presence and the standard of the quality of your feed. 


Do not be a bad influencer/critic- 

Try not to be a bad influencer and advocate for issues that do not stand for the good of the society. Try to detach yourself from your personal opinions when posting to keep a neutralised or right opinion. Also, do not spread hate or any sort of negativity which can cause a negative impact on your social media and the presence there. Do not post any criticism which might hurt others’ sentiments.

Disappear without any information- 

As a creator or an influencer, you have a responsibility towards your audience which should be maintained so if you plan to take any sort of break or time off from social media, then either inform them before or after you come back to the platform. 


Bad mouth/Degrade/Belittle- 

Do not under any circumstance bad mouth any other creator, degrade any community, brand, or group or belittle anyone for the sake of your personal reasons. Calmly and politely resolve issues and come to a conclusion rather than using social media to lash out and share your opinions in a blunt and derogatory manner. 


Post responsibly and ethically- 

Apart from community guidelines, social media platforms do have unspoken rules which if broken can definitely cause lash out and criticism thus it is important to follow it carefully. Post responsibly as you have a huge audience looking up to you and make sure to stay ethical and polite with your content as it holds a vast potential for your future.

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