Instagram is now no less than a platform that has changed our way of living and documenting memories. Especially, when it comes to Influencing, the platform has given tremendous opportunities to the influencers with new features, tools, exposure, audience and so much more. 


The best part is that Influencing has a lot of scope in general as it paves a path for collaborations, recognition, fame, opportunities and other exciting potential. When it comes to lifestyle influencing, it is really just showcasing the best part of your life and documenting memories to then share it with the world. The same is appreciated and loved by the audience hence it is growing majestically these days. 


Another type of Influencing which has gotten famous over the last few years is by Baby Influencers. Surprising? It should not be because not only do these baby influencers harbor over millions and thousands of followers but they also make a way to earn a huge sum with their profiles. 

How do these babies and kids carry through influencing? 

-Well, there are a lot of mothers, fathers and guardians who in a way manage their entire profile and document there cute snippets throughout the day, some are eating and having fun, where others cutely talk to their parents, some even follow enough trends and style themselves, and others just carry themselves randomly and still manage to keep their audience entertained. 


-It works out because there is a wide audience on Instagram who are all about ‘Baby fever’ and would love to see infants, toddlers and kids who are even older doing their own thing. Their influence seems appealing and fresh because they are just cute kids who have managed to capture hearts without even doing much. 


-Similarly, there parents who manage the profile can thrive on the side because their baby is all known and famous before even hitting the age of 5 or 6 and thus is largely recognised by a huge following on Instagram. They are quite the entertainers as almost the entire Instagram family stays mesmerized by them.


-There are many such examples who have carried this through with such cuteness that no viewer can skip the video before basking in their adoration. Many like Mila and Emma, TheYeetBaby, Kiara Nautiyal, Franki, and so many others that the list will go on for quite some time. These children belong from different parts of the world and there are so many who have even more following, and others who have just started with this. 


-There are many who do not have their own page but are instead a part of their family profiles where they explicitly gain a huge following especially because of their cuteness. 


How do they earn money through Instagram? 


-You may be surprised to know that these baby influencers, depending on their following count, are already earning more than we can even imagine. The constant posts and activity on Instagram make their profiles seen and highlighted among the audience and even brands which is why they receive a huge recognition. 


-This is also the reason why so many mothers and fathers are now pushing their kids and exploring the side of influence because the scope is large and fantastic. It depends on the following count but some are earning more than 20-30k going upto even in lakhs, which relies on their location, following, target audience, etc. 

-These mini influencers are asked for collaborations just like older influencers, approached by brands to promote or sponsor products that align with their brand page such as kids’ clothes, accessories, products, etc. which is posted by them and then seen by their target audience. Ofcourse, it is managed by their guardians but it still seems like a dream because they do so well in their field. 


-Some even have their profiles on other platforms and they earn through that along with advertisements, collaborations, promotions, reposts, meet and greets, launching their own products which are carried through by their family and the list goes on. It also opens up new door of opportunities for them which could be a great deal even for their future.


-This is why the same is being explored and picked up by many families because the potential is vast and it brings a huge exposure and entertainment for kids along with their audience.

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