The hits continue to roll out of Twitter HQ, with the company’s ever-confusing redesign now taking a new twist, with brand profiles now squared off to better stand out in the feed.

As you can see in this image posted by social media expert Matt Navarra, brand profiles are now displayed as square tiles, as opposed to circular profiles for regular users.

Which actually makes sense. The big problem with Twitter’s new $8 verification program is that within hours of the option’s release (which everyone, internal and external, was saying), it immediately opened up a new avenue for verification. impersonation in the application, of different brands various headaches it would cause).

To combat this, Twitter has since added gold checkmarks for brands (which also recently received an update), which aren’t purchasable so users know who the official brand account actually is, with these new tiles squares that add another measure of certainty, because eventually, people will understand that real and official brand profiles appear in the app as squares and not circles.

So it’s an extra layer of protection against impersonation. This makes sense, but only in the larger context of the initial verification update, which really doesn’t make sense on its own and was a confusing, misguided, and ill-informed strategy to begin with.

But given that this is Twitter’s chosen route, more protection against impersonation can only be a good thing. But you may need to update your company avatar for the new format.

Twitter is introducing another tool to combat identity theft through a new subscription offering, “Twitter Blue for Business” with business badges appearing next to checkmarks for sub-profiles and business accounts. employees supported by a company.

According to Twitter: “As a Twitter Blue for Business follower, a business can associate an unlimited number of people, businesses, and affiliate brands with their account. When they do, connected accounts will receive a small badge with their parent company’s profile picture next to their blue or gold checkmark”.

Twitter hasn’t shared Blue for Business’ awards but says it will continue to add new elements to the program to help brands get the most out of their Twitter experience.

So now you have round profile pictures with checkmarks for Twitter Blue followers or “old verified” accounts and squares for brands (though I don’t think unverified brands can get those?) Who has a golden check mark? Unless they’re using an NFT profile image, it’s a hex image.

Then you also have brand logo add-ons for approved affiliate profiles and people.

Super easy, right? Much better than just leaving verification as is. The new profile view for brands is launching starting today and will likely be until a new Twitter boss steps in and realizes what a dumb plan this whole verification update has been.

Twitter says the brand’s new badges are now available to select businesses, ahead of a wider rollout next year.

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