Twitter Blue, its premium membership programme, has been made available to users in India. The premium subscription adds the desirable blue tick next to users’ profile names, which is nothing more than a verified status for social network users and gives them early access to advancements that the platform delivers. A paid subscription, however, may not provide the verified status with the same significance as previously and weakens it.

Before the company started its Twitter Blue Service, the “Blue Tick” was used to distinguish between real and fake accounts of well-known celebrities, politicians, journalists, and public personalities. Now, the checkmark may be purchased by anybody who pays the subscription fee. Twitter Blue may now be purchased in India via iOS and Android cellphones as well as Twitter’s website. Indian users of iOS and Android must pay a membership charge of $11 per month, while online users must pay an $8 price.

More about Twitter Blue

Indian consumers can also sign up for the premium service for an additional $82 per year. This, however, is only accessible to online users. The subscription costs are comparable to those in the US. In addition to the Blue Tick, Twitter Blue Members have early access to features like edit tweets, bookmark folders, unique app icons, and NFT profile photos.

These users will also get the opportunity to prioritise tweet responses, pick from a variety of colour schemes for their app, and remove a tweet before it is viewed by other users. Ordinary benefits include a higher character limit of 4,000 as opposed to the 280 character restrictions for other users. Additionally, larger movies up to 60 minutes or 2 GB in size can be uploaded by Twitter Blue users.

Several nations, including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, offer the Blue subscription. But according to Twitter, new sign-ups won’t be able to subscribe for 90 days, with another waiting period possibly occurring without any previous warning.

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