Mixo, a new short-form video social media network aimed at changing how we engage with food content, has launched in the App Store today. Mixo is a content, networking, and eCommerce network that allows users to share and explore cuisine traditions, lifestyles, and ideas in a simple and straightforward way. Mixo’s tools allow anyone to create captivating food-related content to inspire exploration and connection to a variety of world cuisines and dietary programmes, including vegan, gluten-free, keto, and more.

The reason behind making a solely food-based platform

The food sector is worth $6.2 trillion in the United States alone, and food content has become increasingly popular. Food content is viewed more than fashion and gaming combined, with 290 billion views on TikTok and 483 million Instagram posts. However, there is no single location where this information can be stored and found, and it can be challenging for makers to break through the clutter of non-food posts on social media. Mixo intends to build a video-first platform for all things food, enabling creators with accessible, yet competent tools to develop and earn while providing viewers with a single platform to explore recipes, restaurants, nutrition advice, culinary travel, and more.

80 per cent of millennials enjoy trying new regional or international meals, with Korean cuisine topping the list on social media. Mixo is opening its platform with Korean cuisine to reflect the growing popularity of Korean culture, and it will swiftly expand into other Asian food offerings. In addition, the platform is looking for new ways for users to interact. Mixo will update the standard comment area in the near future to assist develop an accessible and positive atmosphere. Instead, it will soon feature a Q&A part where viewers can ask creators specific questions, as well as a modification section where viewers may suggest new ways to make a dish.

“It can be hard for creators, particularly those with a smaller following, to monetize their content – and often, the earnings they do receive are modest,” said Shaun Seo, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Mixo. “At Mixo, we want to ensure that creators are placed at the center of the app, providing bespoke creators tools for a professional final product with just an iPhone, while simultaneously offering greater paths to monetization.”

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