Since TikTok’s inception in 2017, marketers have been attempting to figure out how to use the unique video platform for marketing. Many people recognise that financing influencer material on the app may be the key to increasing brand recognition. Why is this strategy viable? There are several compelling reasons why influencer marketing might be advantageous on a new or niche app like TikTok. To begin, instead of spending weeks or months examining the app and its viewers to discover what material would be intriguing, you may collaborate with an influencer who has a respectable following, videos with solid engagement rates, and a demonstrable track record of reaching the TikTok audience.


The following are some sponsored TikTok influencer posts with a high number of engagements, video views, and engagement rates.


Highest Video Engagement Rates


Chris Han and L’Oréal Paris

Chris conducted a unique product comparison in this sponsored post. She selected to compare the performance of a low-cost L’Oréal Paris product to that of a high-end one. This cheap vs luxurious goods comparison is also gaining traction in organic content. Simply search for “dupes”! Unlike Doug Mar’s film, Chris’ movie was jam-packed with information, including the size she was using, the number of colours available, and the price. We believe she did this since her audience is likely to be made up of beauty lovers who would find all of this information incredibly useful.

cakedbybabyk and Maybelline 

This influencer effortlessly crafted a video by capitalising on an existing trend – blending powder and liquid foundations. The extra benefit of filming this video style was that she was able to feature numerous Maybelline products without the content becoming awkward. Similarly to Dr Angelo, this influencer clearly mentioned the people who would benefit from this approach and development. We like how she put in a bit of levity, “complete covering for the oily girls.”



Most Video Engaging


Abby Roberts and Morphe

Morphe and Abby collaborated on a Halloween challenge called #morphexabbyhalloween. In this trend, participants are encouraged to present their most delicate Halloween makeup looks to be eligible for an enormous reward. The winner’s announcement video, in which Abby dueted the creator’s film exhibiting her cult classic movie makeup look, had the highest interaction from this campaign. Makeup challenges are becoming increasingly prevalent, so Morphe and Abby added to the excitement by offering the winner a significant reward – a billboard feature in Times Square!


Amanda Dias and Lancôme

Amanda recreates Zendaya’s red carpet outfit in this sponsored article. Zendaya, who starred in Euphoria and Dune, is an excellent pick since she has a lot of impact on beauty, fashion, and pop culture right now. Amanda also keeps things basic in this video and doesn’t attempt to be too fancy. She shared a simple lesson that makes use of any Lancôme products. She also included the original sound created by Lancôme for this advertisement by timing her transitions to the music and lip-syncing the song’s finish.


Merrick Hanna and EOS

By collaborating with a non-beauty influencer, EOS took a risk. Still, it paid off since Merrick found a way to effortlessly incorporate the product into his own content style. Merrick kept loyal to TikTok/his own beginnings by making this sponsored video a dancing video, using EOS lip balm as his special guest. He also becomes more inventive by including amusing animations and puns.


Most Video Views


Doug Mar and Estée Lauder

Another example of successful non-beauty influencer advertising. What makes Doug’s collaboration with Estée Lauder successful, similar to Merrick Hanna and EOS, is that the material is personalised exclusively for his audience and taste. Doug’s audience is most likely made up of people who buy perfume for their relationships rather than for themselves. To get the perfect viewpoint for his audience, Doug avoids too much information about the scent. Instead, he provides a high-level overview of the product and why it is compelling.


Rachel Rigler and Maybelline

TikTok is an excellent platform for raw, unposed material. That is why real-time makeup applications are widespread. Rachel illustrates how she applies Maybelline mascara in this collaboration, including mentioning particular characteristics (such as the curvature of the wand) and “predicts” that the product will become viral soon. Rachel merely used mascara on one of her eyes to demonstrate a side-by-side comparison. This helps to explain, rather than describe, the product’s effects. When marketing their Telescopic mascara on TikTok, L’Oréal Paris used a similar approach.


Angelo Landriscina and Clean & Clear

Dr Angelo focuses on a tried-and-true content type: education. In his sponsored video, he highlights the product’s key component, exhibits its texture, and defines its impact on the skin. Dr Angelo then says who this product is suitable for and why they should use it. Many customers seek product suggestions tailored to their specific skin needs.

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