While everybody is telling you what to do with your YouTube videos and suggesting you how to increase your subscribers and views, there are several points too which you should avoid while filming or promoting your videos
So here are some tips which you need to avoid :-

1. Don’t beg for likes :- Since you promote your videos every where and to every single person and you should promote in this manner only, but you should never beg for likes, as you can tell them once to like share and subscribe your channel but do not say them again and again, it looks like begging to them and if they don’t want even then also they will do it forcefully. It seems like you force them to like your videos which can disappoint your viewers and they may not watch your videos further.

2. Be consistent with your work :- Consistency is a magical method to keep your viewers and likes regular. If you will constantly upload your videos your viewers will not forget you and will remind you on daily basis. Later, they will gain regular excitements to watch your videos, plus they will start recommending their friends too, to watch your videos. Your social media followers will also increase and you will surely get new subscribers regularly.

3. Don’t take much break :- Since, you can take a break if you want, like if you have got some issues to solve and you are willing to take a break, you can take a break for some days by updating about this to your viewers. But, do not take a longer break, this will make your followers forget you and they will hardly pay attention to your videos. Also, many of them may unsubscribe your channel, thus you will loose your subscribers too.

4. Have a plan for your channel :- If you want your career as a YouTube blogger you surely need a planning for that. Without plans you will mess up things and this may depress you. So, make a proper plan about what to film, what type of content you will be shooting. The content you have decided will work or not. Try to create a content which is interesting, and quite relatable to the common people. Also you can try something completely different, which needs to be unique.

So these are some tips which will allow people to subscribe your channel and make you famous.

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