When it comes to internet, you may never know what can go viral instantly, its totally unpredictable. Sometimes a very interesting topic could not get enough views as compared to not a very interesting topic. But with enough planning and promotion you can gain world’s attention.

1. Build up your Subscriber base :- You need to build your subscribers as not every single is going to watch your video as soon as you upload it. You need to grow up your subscribers till that extent atleast that you are able to get instant views at a certain level on your recent uploads.

2. Find a video idea that may capture world’s attention :- The videos that go viral are the one who has got some interesting content and probably the one with an out of the box content. You should do everything to make your videos interesting as much as you can.

3. Promote, promote promote ! :- You should promote as much as you can. Promote your videos to every single person you know by sharing your links on your personal chats, to your Social media handles. Promote your old videos regularly on your Instagram stories and on your twitter account. As soon as you upload your new video, you should make your viewers update about it by sharing and attaching the links to your social media handles. Advertise as much as you can . Share your video to every single place and don’t forget to tell your followers to hit like, share and subscribe while pressing the bell icon for sure.

Promoting your videos will make you grow your channel and will give you new followers. Follow these steps to get more and more views on your videos.

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