Views and subscribers make a channel famous, and YouTube now has created many new features to make it as a career platform. Also it’s not easy to become famous on this platform as there are many struggling bloggers who are making their careers as a YouTube blogger. Also there are so many channels on YouTube that its hard to make your channel famous but its not impossible. So here are some tips which may help you to increase your views on your videos.

1. Promote your videos at the same time using social media handles :- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, these social media handles are an easy way to promote your videos , as these social media handles are been used by everyone these days and through this you can gain attention of the people by uploading the links of your videos. You can create teaser of your video and link it to your videos and ask the viewers to swipe up so that they can easily go through your video. Also you can create funny memes, which may describe your videos and this also seems interesting to the viewers, they will surely visit your channel.

2. Upload your new videos to the playlists :- As soon as you upload a new video, add it to your channel playlist. This will update your viewers about it as well as through playlist people will continuously watch your videos which will increase your views and watch time.

3. Interesting characters :- If you are filming funny videos or videos related to daily life, then you should film unique and funny characters in your video, this makes your video interesting and people tend to see it many times, which will increase your watch time.

4. Get Engage with your followers :- Followers really like if you take their suggestions into consideration. Ask them to comment on your video and share their views about the video, also ask them to suggest some new content which they want to watch. You can film a video which they have suggested, also you can film a thanksgiving video where you can say thanks to your followers.

so, these are some tips which can give rise to great views and new subscribers.

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