A person who claims to have a sound knowledge on a particular niche and uses the knowledge of it to influence people in order to make them believe and subscribe to the same set of ideas or thoughts that they are trying to propagate. Researchers have defined such a person as a “new type of independent third-party endorser, who can shape audience attitudes through blogs, tweets, and the use of other social media.”


A social media influencer has the capacity to influence the mindset, attitude and viewpoint of its viewers in either a good way or even in the worse way.



Like in “Spider-Man” we have heard the quote – “With great power comes great responsibility”, it also comes true for the social media influencers, whose abilities to bring change to its followers should be used responsibly and sensibly.


Realizing the purpose



The influencers should question themselves whether their contents are enriching the lives of the viewers and benefiting them in some way. If an influencer answers these questions and finds the true purpose of their work, it will set him/her apart from hundreds of other influencers, who lose ground in the long run for failing to realize on time the power they possess to touch lives and bring about a positive change in people’s lives. 


Being sensitive


The worst trait that an influencer can showcase is being insensitive about the content it puts out on social media. It is the responsibility of an influence to be careful about what he/she says on a public platform, because otherwise it might result in dire consequences. A lot of people look upto these influencers and follow their lifestyles, their habits and way of doing things. Some even aspire to be like them and worship them in a sense. So a sudden irresponsible and insensitive comment, post, write up or video can fall on these followers like a bolt of lightning and crush them emotionally. 


Credibility is a must


An influencer’s credibility depends on the knowledge he/she has regarding the topic he/she speaks on. Having a large number of followers does not guarantee an influencer as credible, which is why they fail to realize the importance of it. Influencers owe their followers credibility that they deserve for investing their time on them. It is thus of utmost important to do the necessary research and background check before asserting or promoting anything. It keeps their fan following and credibility intact in the short run and influencing abilities sustainable in the long run. 


Assuming accountability

Being accountable for the content is the foremost responsibility of  any influencer. Through a post, a lot of sentiments can be hurt, if the influencer shows lack of sensitivity or credibility, which ultimately is the result of not being accountable to what they do online. The work may be done on a screen, but it reaches people and influences their lives. 




One of the most effective and impactful ways of marketing and advertising is social media influence. Now the platform can be used for personal branding exercise or for marketing the products of the client, but in either case the above responsibilities should be carried out. There is a lack of awareness that indeed the influencers hold a responsibility, which must be brought into the light. When youth from all over the world have the potential of becoming influencers, it is crucial to understand the responsibilities and its influence. 


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