Sometimes the best way to stay ahead is simply to try new things. As we always say experiment with various platforms and choose the one that suits you best. Quora is a great place for bloggers as the audience here demands exactly that. They are hungry for knowledge and always seek answers. If you’re a blogger and are skeptical about being on Quora, this article might ignite your interest. Lets go:

The Quora Community

Quora is built around a community. It’s a community that likes to ask questions, as well as that likes to write. The platform, its incentives and its feedback mechanisms are based on giving people their due credit for their ability to create responses to questions that are important to others. It feels good to engage with the Quora community as the conversations feels meaningful. Authors on Quora aren’t posting purely to get likes and shares. They get direct feedback from their audience which is delivered through upvotes and comments. The content that is most useful to others gets rewarded by a quick rise to the top. Now that’s a responsive audience.

Easy understanding of right content

Its a great way to figure out what content works and what doesn’t. Writing is often a trial and error experience. When we publish posts on a blog we can receive feedback through readers’ comments. As a platform it’s a great way for writers to test content ideas and get continuous feedback on them, because the audience for the platform is continually reading and exploring. Using this feedback writers can then evaluate which of their posts resonates most with audiences.

Freedom to do things your own way

You are not obligated to do things in a certain manner. You can start by answering questions that inspire you. Thousands of questions are asked on Quora every day. Writers can respond with a short paragraph or a long-form article. There’s no word limit or timing issues. This gives bloggers the freedom to do things their own way without any criteria hovering over them.

Persistent responses

The best part about Quora is that your answers are continually read. Unlike many other platforms where once an entry is published, it has an initial burst of traffic, then the traffic quickly trails away. Meanwhile on Quora, there is always a chance that people are looking for answers about a certain topic that you had written years ago. Hence, your writing will continue to receive readers over long periods of time. If its quality content then you can be certain that it will have an ongoing readership.

Massive chances at getting republished

Quora has a content publishing team. This team is responsible for seeking out good content that is published on Quora, and considering this for editorial on some of its partner sites, which are major platforms. If the publishing team like specific content, they may contact the author to seek their permission for republishing. Whether the author chooses to republish or not, it is always nice feedback to receive, isn’t it?

We hope you found this post useful in pondering whether you might give Quora a try.

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