The trainwreck that keeps coming was Twitter and Elon Musk in 2022. In 2023, as we continue to observe the demise of the outdated, Pre-Musk Twitter, a true opportunity will be presented for a brand-new social media network for the first time in years. That doesn’t necessarily imply that Twitter will disappear any time soon, but many users don’t like what the blue bird app has evolved into. They are seeking a new social media network that will provide them with a microblogging experience on par with or superior to that of Old Twitter.

There are currently rivals: The number of Mastodon users has increased from 300,000 monthly active users to 2.5 million since Musk took over Twitter in late October. A potential early competitor named Hive was briefly suspended due to security difficulties. Additionally, Noam Bardin, the former CEO of Waze, created Post News. Additionally, Spill, a “next-generation social network that puts culture first,” was founded by ex-Twitter staffers and is scheduled to be live in late January.

Parler might shut down

After being banned from Instagram and Twitter, Kanye West announced his plan to purchase the right-wing social networking app Parler. This was perhaps the largest boost the app had all year. It’s difficult to understand what left that makes Parler worthwhile to stay around after West, also known legally as Ye, dropped out of the arrangement.

Reddit is a platform to watch

I’ve been expecting for Reddit to take action since since Elon Musk acquired Twitter. Reddit and Twitter are the most comparable major social media sites. Twitter groups like #ScienceTwitter and #MentalHealthTwitter, among many others, benefit from its abundance of tight-knit communities and ease of building new ones. It could be possible to draw Twitter users by enabling users to publish updates outside of subreddits.

TikTok to be banned in more countries

TikTok use on devices used by the government is now prohibited in more than a dozen US jurisdictions. TikTok is prohibited by Congress from being used on equipment used by the executive branch, which includes federal agencies. TikTok was prohibited on House of Representatives devices used by members and employees after the prohibition was approved. In an effort to encourage ByteDance, TikTok’s Chinese parent firm, to sell up its U.S. operations, the anti-TikTok attitude is likely to result in bans in more states. The U.S. and China are unlikely to back down from this confrontation given their tense ties.

Meta is planning to release a Twitter clone

It’s incredible that Meta, the master of clones, hasn’t capitalised on Twitter’s collapse to introduce its own clone. It undoubtedly possesses the resources, expertise, and intellect necessary to accomplish so. I would always pick Mark Zuckerberg’s firm over Elon Musk’s, even though selecting between them is like deciding which level of hell you want to live in. At least the content rules, moderating teams, and PR staff are still present there.

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