How many times have you been in a situation where you’ve put your absolute best into creating a mind blowing reel and are anticipating great results through it but instead it ends up disappointing you? Rather than getting good results, views and engagement, you receive the bare minimum and you cannot understand why.


We realise how shattering it can be to give in your 100% and not get back what your hard work actually deserves. The main focus of concern can become where did you go wrong. It is the question of where did the mistake occur and what can be improved upon. 


Even though Instagram has made all the provisions of a smooth and quick way of creating Reels yet sometimes it can end up being confusing and overwhelming. That is where we end up making unintentional small mistakes that end up becoming a burden later on. 


We have curated a list of mistakes that one can potentially be making and not realising, we have created this so that you don’t have to go through that disappointing moment of not getting back what your content deserves.

Here are a few mistakes to watch out for and avoid while creating Reels- 

1. Quality of the video- 

It is important to shoot the video in good light and edit precisely so that it does not tone down the he quality of the video and when it finally gets posted, it does not look blurry or of low quality. Make sure to check with twice before posting and also after the post. Ask someone to verify if it is clear and sharp looking or not as well. 


2. Too much information-

Make sure to not go all out through reels when sharing important information, knowledge or tips. Reels are meant for fun and engaging content and it will not go through the audience if it’s too much all at once. Create 2 parts of it rather than overwhelming them right away with one heavy video. Else, use IGTV or normal post video. 


3. Excessive amount of Text- 

Even though one should include texts to capture the audience’s attention, still to fill up the entire reel with texts can drive them away. It will divide their focus and eventually make them shut off the reel which is why the right balanced amount of text should be in the reel so that they can equally focus on the video too. 


4. Faulty Edit- 

Verify before posting that your text, video and anything important is not going out of the set provided line through instagram and that its not getting covered by your details and icons on the side. One can check this before in the editing section as it showcases where your text will be rightly put. If the text goes beyond that line or gets shadowed by the icon then the audience cannot comprehend the video and will not view it again. 


5. Not focusing on Thumbnail/Cover- 

Not using an appealing or engaging thumbnail can also drive the audience away and could be one of the mistakes you are making while creating the video. Make sure to choose the cover precisely before posting and check it under the icon of “Crop profile image” to see which part will be showcased on the feed. One can also use a different cover through their camera roll but make sure it is relevant. 


6. Not sharing accurately- 

Do not skip the part where you should be sharing the reel on your story right after posting it as it attracts the audience who have missed or did not see it on their feed. Share it among groups and friends as well along with proper engagement as this severely affects the insights and results.


Make sure to also use engaging call to action after the videos and not forgetting responding and engaging with the audience. Use relevant hashtags and tag people. There are many such mistakes that can occur but remember to be cautious and thoughtful before and after posting the reel. As long as you work hard on creating along with avoiding any silly mistakes and blunders, you will surely witness change and growth in your Instagram reels and their insights. 


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