Whenever one thinks of filters, stories, unique interactions and keeping consistent connection, the first App to pop up in our mind is Snapchat. Snapchat was one of the first few applications to introduce us to all the cool features of chatting, stories, and filters which kept one hooked to it for hours. Snapchat ultimately changed the way of how users interacted with each other and kept up with technology. 


However, Snapchat itself kept coming up with innovative and interesting ideas to keep the users addicted to the application. One such cool way was streaks. It compelled the users to send snaps to each other every day and not only forced them to use the application but also increased their Snapchat score in that way. Not only this but considering the fact that it harbours more than 290 million users, especially active millennial and a huge number of teenagers and young adults, it has great power to boost how one creates and engages with their audience as well. 


Along with that, Snapchat also had great analytics and power medium for influencers and creators to do marketing, engage with their audience and grow their brand and themselves through this. 

However, when one as a beginner wants to engage with people, he/she may think about how to attract more people towards their content. Well, there are many effective ways. 


One creative way? Snapchat score. An impressive snap score showcases your activity, enthusiasm and dedication towards the application which can appeal to people. Similarly, if one is a beginner in the field then working on their Snapchat score for future opportunities is a bright way. Wondering how to work with that? We are here to provide you with the insights. 


Here a few ways to improve your Snapchat score as a beginner-  


1. Stay active-

One of the key points to follow for improving and increasing your Snapchat score is to simply stay active. The algorithm for this is not too complex or tough to follow. All one needs to do is show up after some time, open all the snaps sent to them, send snaps frequently and engage with snap stories posted. The more often you do this, the better your Snapchat score will get after some time. 


2. Interaction and Streaks-

Make sure to maintain streaks that is consistently on every day basis send a streak that is a snap to your friends and receive one back from them. The streak maintained will be showcased in front of the chat with a fire emoticon and the number of days and this will in turn also increase your snap score. However, if you or your friend misses even a single day of sending a streak then the streak will disappear and will have to be started from day one. However, one can contact the technical support of Snapchat and get it back if there seems to be any mistake. The interactions through these snaps and messages will help you increase your snap score instantly on a consistent basis. 


3. Snap Stories-

Simply move ahead to consistently post Snapchat stories that are engaging, entertaining and interactive. The more people who follow you and view your story, the better your Snapchat score will get. And do not just stop here but also go ahead to adding more friends through Snapchat and through other platforms and begin the snap streak with them so that your snap stories recieve better engagement and eventually improves your score.


One can then go to their main profile and see the improvement and make sure to check the increase and growth. However, another hack is to also take a little time off and then get back to Snapchat and view stories which will again instantly help your snap score blow up! 

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