Just as Instagram has recently announced that it will now be considered as a video sharing platform instead of simple pictures, the users went over the top to make the best out of this newly announced strategy right away. From video posts, reels, stories and IGTV, Instagram has been taken over with the same within no time because of its promising visibility and preference for the videos.


Let us come to the foremost question which is, What is IGTV?

Instagram TV is a tool on Instagram that lets the users share long videos through the medium of mobile from where you can upload upto 15 minutes long video, or laptop and computers which can let you post upto 1 hour long video. This allows the creator to share long videos that engage better and gives them a magnificent medium to share longer content that is great in quality and better for algorithms. One can also upload their live sessions through IGTV so that it stays on their feed and does not disappear after the end of the session. 


However, the usage of IGTV is not the major issue. The issue is that the advantages connected to creating an IGTV is not limited to a few. Almost everyone knows how Instagram now prefers videos and good quality content, where IGTV is the best way to connect and entertain the audience, Thus, it ends up motivating almost all the creators and influencers out there to make the best out of this medium in turn creating a tough competition for everyone. Considering the fact that it is a longer video, viewers are more likely to lose interest quickly and drop the rest of the video which can be disappointing. 

This is why we are here to share a few important steps that can be used to make a successful IGTV for Instagram- 


1. Create- 

Firstly, channel all your energy into creating an engaging video that has what it takes to keep the viewers hooked until the very end. Make sure that the video lies under your niche, plan ahead of time to think of all the important topics and questions it will address along with the motive of the video, and then go ahead to shoot the video that comes out in high-quality and visuals. 


2. Edit- 

While editing the video, make sure to use texts or auto-generated captions as those captivates an audience better and then move ahead to make a seamless transition, use only relevant filters along with the perfect audio for the background if needed. Audios do seem to play a significant role as well as the filters so make sure to focus well on that. 


3. Strategies- 

Applying thoughtful strategies can set your video apart from others such as using the right hashtags, tagging influential pages to capture their attention, sharing the IGTV on your story right away, sharing the video with friends, and in groups so that it can get the hype it deserves right away to boost the reach. Engagement plays an equal role into creating a good reach and getting better insights.


4. Basics- 

Appealing the audience through the basics can make a huge difference while capturing viewer’s attention especially those who are visiting your profile for the first time. This includes choosing an attractive cover or thumbnail that compels the viewer to click on the video, curating a captivating title that seems impactful, writing a catchy description that provides a brief description related to the video along with call to action. 


5. Hacks- 

One does not have a long time to entice the audience when it comes to IGTV so make sure to create an impression right within the first few minutes as those are the most crucial ones. If you find yourself running out of ideas then you can even get on to creating IGTV series where you can keep adding next part as well and create a full on series. This can become the focus point of your profile and adds to the value. 


In conclusion, make sure to create an IGTV that is engaging, entertaining and has the ability to keep the viewers addicted till the very end of the video. Keep a focus on all the strategies and keep creating IGTVs once in a while to represent your Niche such as cooking videos, dancing videos, interviews, vlogs, etc in the most engaging way. 


Similarly, this would open up more opportunities later on if brands approach you because of your skills with IGTV as it plays a great role in enhancing content creation, influencing and influencer marketing. Thus, these few ways will definitely help you in creating a successful IGTV. 

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