Instagram has provided the most unique and innovative platform to influencers for expressing, networking and engaging with people from all over the world. 

No matter which Niche do they opt for, if done well, there is no doubt that the life of an influencer turns out to be no less than a dream. 


A life where they create content, share opinions and be themselves and cherry on the top is that they earn money while doing it if they are on top of their game! 


However, while the dream may be a vision, the hard work and the entire journey is far from it. It does not take a split second to wake up with 100k followers and a great engaging audience but it takes almost years to get to that and monetise content. Not to mention how intimidating and fearful the platform can get for beginners.


Being an Instagram Influencer since the very beginning may have a lot of perks and advantages such as recognition, fame, validation, connections, etc. but it also has its downfalls where hatred, bullying, failures can get to the person. 


With such a high neck to neck competition and complexities of the platform, how does a beginner influencer bring in their A game? What methods should they adopt for appearing sharp with their content? Let us give you a few highlighters for the same. 

Here is how you can effortlessly carry yourself as an Instagram Influencer- 


1. Niche/Category-

While beginning and even during the journey, it’s easy to find yourself lost between your interests and what to create content on. However, if you truly want to stay on top of your game then pick one niche that you are aware of and entirely passionate about. You could pair up 2 or 3 categories together however make sure that it is not cluttered or confusing for your target audience. Your niche represents you thus be careful while choosing this as it should be straight up something you know you can influence people in. 


2. Confidence-

No matter which Niche you have adopted, it will go in vain if you are not confident and sure of the content, category or yourself. Your content, videos and pictures should emit confidence which showcases you are very much sure of what you are speaking about and what you are creating. If you tend to “influence” people, then it cannot be done in a depthless or dull way. Your content should be able to awake a spark within your audience as you cannot sell anything or influence anyone if you yourself does not possess confidence. Nor will your audience believe in you and neither will brands approach you and so this is an important point to remember.

3. Impact-

Even though Instagram is all about consistency and posting a lot however the quantity of posts will not budge anything if the quality and the motive of the post has no impact. Every post of yours should have a clear motive and should be able to make a strong impact on the audience. It could be a simple engaging video, or a dance reel, or a travel vlog or a simple selfie, however it should have a purpose serving your feed. It should either be enhancing your feed, compelling new audience or creating a difference. Without any impact, the video will not add any value for your audience. Nor will brands approach you in case your videos are not impactful and thus creating such posts are important.


4. Engagement-

As an influencer, it becomes your utmost priority to engage with the audience, interact with them through various mediums, appreciate and acknowledge them as well as focus on their feedback and energy. Remember to make them feel included, heard and happy when they visit your page. Followers are the reason for most of the achievements that an influencer gets hold of which is why it’s significant to acknowledge that so that they stay loyal to you and similarly, so that it helps you attract more genuine viewers. 


5. Voice-

It is easy to get carried away with trends, hypes and certain viral phenomenons that you just came across however realise that using your authentic expression of speech, your voice against certain issues and problems as well as spreading awareness is just as important. While sticking to your niche, you could bring important issues to notice and use your voice and platform to share impactful and strong opinions that otherwise people would not hear. This would not only distinguish you but also showcase your true self and what you stand for. 


Thus, working hard, being consistent and creating content that resonates with you and which excites you are a few things that one can keep in mind along with these mentioned points. If you stay confident within yourself and create quality content, then you should be able to hold your own and effortlessly carry yourself as an Instagram influencer which will instantly impact your growth and success. 


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