Ytviews: Your Trusted Views is thrilled to present you with the third episode of our series “Help us to help you out” hereby involving an in-depth analysis of content mastery for Instagram. In the digital world nowadays, creativity is not enough anymore. On the contrary, it is decision-making based on strategic insights, apart from producing good content, that leads to success on Instagram. Hence in this article, we will take you on a tour of how to perform competitor analysis and benchmarking, and we will discover different tools that will help your Instagram profile grow. 

Decoding Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis on Instagram involves a thorough investigation of your competitor’s marketing strategies which include content type, customer engagement tactics as well and performance measurement. Looking into your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses is a very important activity because doing that will help you to understand what the audience likes, what would work for you as a creator and what should you have your maximum focus on.

Competitor analysis can be done effectively by finding out who the top players in your niche or domain are. Examine their content’s theme, and frequency of posting, and analyse the metrics as to which posts have gotten the maximum reach and what was the kind of content in that. As you are paying close attention to the type of content that mostly clicks with their audience, so probably the strategies that they use to engage with their audience are what you should look after.

Also, make a thorough analysis of your followers’ demographics to learn about the nature of those, who respond to you. The data could help you develop content for certain demography, which in turn will help you naturally increase your following circles. This benchmarking helps in a comparative view of competition and your own ability against the competitors, which eventually identifies areas for improvement.

What is Benchmarking and why should you do it?

Benchmarking in the Process of Product Development! - Convergence Consulting

Competitor benchmarking extends to a point where not only the analysis but also setting performance benchmarks according to industry standards and best practices also fall into the category. By benchmarking your Instagram performance, you can go into a clear level of how and where you stand in comparison to your competitors. This will help you get a clearer view of what needs to be done in order to improve.

In terms of engagement with your followers, compare your metrics with those your competitors post to ascertain the success of your approach. If the engagement rate is not satisfactory, you might consider whether you are posting engaging content, how often you are posting, or who you are targeting to create room for improvements. Benchmarking, in addition to it, can show insight into what trends are emerging in audience preferences in your field. Remain knowledgeable about new trends in your sector and make adjustments to your content strategy as needed to remain current and attract and keep your audience’s attention.

To put it in a nutshell, the process of gaining content command on Instagram needs to be done through a tactical approach, which should be based on an understanding resulting from the competitor’s analysis and benchmarking. Knowing well what your rivals are going up with, such as their tactics and performance, gives you a clearer view of what works well and what doesn’t, which will in turn enable you to determine your content direction that will boost growth on the platform. Join us in our quest for content mastery and unlock the secrets to Instagram success with Ytviews: Your Trusted Views.

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