The parent company of Instagram, Meta, has introduced a variety of new features engineered to boost the user privacy and the transparency regarding data sharing. This is a result of the ongoing efforts to address the concerns surrounding the handling of data and privacy agreements.

Instagram has introduced a notable feature called as “Activity Off-Meta Technologies”, this feature offers the Instagram users the capacity to govern their data. This feature bars Instagram from collecting online activity data of users. This feature allows users to access a list of organizations that share the online activity data and personal data with Meta. This allows the users to decide to either disconnect specific entities, this feature also allows the users to entirely delete the data.

Activity Off-Meta Technologies allows users to manage information that organizations are sending them is connected to their Meta accounts. Users can now easily review the organizations that are sharing data with Meta. 

This management of the settings is simplified by the Accounts C


enter. This Accounts Center acts like a centralized hub for simplifying these management settings across the different Meta applications. Now meta users can set their preferences across all the meta applications. This offers users a smooth option for those who prefer consistent settings.


The Accounts Center also provides flexibility for users who prefer different and distinct settings for individual Meta applications. This feature allows users to customize the settings according to their preferences for specific Meta applications. This feature of Accounts Center empowers Meta users to manage their preferences easily in one place.

This updated feature has already been rolled out on the Meta application- Facebook at the beginning of this year. This feature offers the users an enhanced control over their settings over the Meta applications. This feature also helps their users to oversee the privacy, security preferences and their advertising preferences. 

Lastly, these new updates show that Meta is committed to improve the user privacy and data sharing transparency, by providing the Meta users with more power over their online experiences. With the updated Accounts Center and the new feature “Accounts Off-Meta Technologies” Instagram users can now look forward to make their online presence more secure and personalized.

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