Marketing strategies every vlogger should use

Since every YouTuber try really hard to create his video interesting and really want his viewers to be happy with his work. One should as much effort and time as he can for promoting his videos as this can also be considered as marketing strategy for your channel. Marketing your videos really benifits you as this creates awareness of your channel and results into good amount of subscribers.

Here are some marketing strategies one should follow for good results :-
1. Create content with specific topics :- Its easy to market the videos when you already have audience for the kind of content you are making. Firstly, you should try to make the videos in that particular zone itself and should create content in the similar way because people might love watching that . For example :- If you are making a video related to fashion content and people are giving you good response , try not to change the topic and follow the same topic as this creates an interest in people and they would love to watch it further.
2. Old is Gold :- As they say old is always gold, so try to rescue that gold from being rusted. Promote your old videos on regular basis, if the new subscribers will watch your new videos as well as old one, they will create a good image and interest in their mind for your channel and will promote it as well, there will be one or the another video which can be relatable with them. Also this will increase the watch time, views and likes on your old videos which will grow your channel and get you a good impact.
3. Develop a new strategy for every video :- Before you even start shooting, think about what can make yur videos interesting and marketable. Think about an interesting thumbnail, some interesting title, what can be the interesting ways you can promote your videos on your social networks, what can be the characters which may create humour in your videos. Keeping all this in your mind, start filming your video.
4. Use clickbait :- Somr of them think that clckbait is an only way to attract videos but its the most effective way to attract your viewers. Basically viewers gets attracted by seeing your thumbnail and your title. You should use this strategy very carefully, a good clickbait title is descriptive but not that clear.This strategy works for daily vlogs and storytelling.
5. Do not forget to say some Mandatory things :- At the end of every video, remind your viewers to hit like, share and subscribe the channel, plus ask them to comment and share their experiences in the comment box, also ask their opinions about what they wanted to see in your next video, and what they liked in your present video. This will help you increasing the comments in your comment section.
6. Interaction is necessary :- Interaction with your followers is really necessary. Engage with your followers on social media on regular basis, this keeps reminding them about you and your videos. Tell them what’s happening with you, with what you are struck with, try to make interesting stories with humour. Reply to their messages and post their kind messages on your stories by mentioning them. Thanks them with all of your heart and respect them too. Set up meetings or concerts to meet your fans. Like the post they tag you in and if your fans created your fan page, follow them back and like their every post.
7. Focus on strengthening your views :- Many of the most successful YouTubers are not just creators but are brands. These creators turned thheir channel into brand by building a strong personal relationships with their followers. They let their followers involve in their personal life by creating daily vlogs and sharing what’s happening in their life and also talk about their past incidents. They share their lows and highs so that people may connect them both emotionally and mentally.

In order to increase your followers you should create a new marketing strategy for every video. Start following these strategies to find what works best for you.

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