Holiday can be an amazing season to get engage with your followers. You can get their attention by sending them gifts and surprise them with amazing presents. Also you can get attention from all of them by telling them about your gift plans on the holiday season. Though you can not send gifts to every subscriber so you must organize a game or contest for that and promote it so that people take interest and part in that.

1. Choose a Holiday :- First of first choose a holiday you wanted to organize a contest and a holiday which describes your culture , such as Diwali for Indians and christmas for foreigners. Your subscribers from same background will really appreciate that, other viewers can also use your giveaway as an opportunity to learn about your culture. Start promoting the strategy 15-20 days before the holidays.

2. Collect Themed prize :- Since this is a holiday giveaway, so themed prizes is really necessary as it really attracts the followers. Also, when you are planning the gifts keep your topic in your mind , the gift should be related to your content of your channel. For example – If you are a beauty vlogger try to give the gifts related to cosmetics , audience would gain an excitement about winning the makeup collection.
Always consider your budget for the gift, do not cross your budget limit in hopes of attracting a lot of attention. Also try to choose gifts which you would prefer for yourself so that viewers will look forward to winning it. Viewers are also interested in winning gifts which belongs to you like your favorite T-Shirt, a handmade card or gifts by you.

3. Be clear with your parameters before posting :- While you are organizing your contest about the giveaway gifts , think about the strategies and plan accordingly. Be clear about the rules, then only post them. Tell people clearly about what are rules, how they can enter the contest? How long will the giveaway last and how are you going to decide the winner ?

4. Make announcements of the contest :- Announce about the contest on your channel by streaming live, also don’t forget to promote it on your social networks, create stories related to it, post this on your feed so that everybody pays attention to it. Also create some interesting vlogs and remind about this at the last of your videos and tell them the whole information by creating a video. Ask them to comment their twitter or instagram handles in your comment section so that it may be easy for you to contact them.

5. Contact the winners :- Finally, after the giveaway contest when you finally decided the winner, contact them as soon as possible. If he or she doesn’t reply within a week, then you should choose another winner. When a winner responds, ask for his mail address so that you can send him/her the prize. After you are done with the process, delete the part of the message to protect your fan’s privacy.

Holidays are the perfect time to attract your followers by giving them gifts and grow your channel and spread joy to your auidence.

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