How to get video ideas from your viewers
Viewers love being involved in the process of creating your videos. They would love if you take their views into considerations and film on the same topic which majority of them wants to watch. When you invite them to help you they will love to contribute in your videos, moreover when you will upload it and the subscribers will get notify about the same topic, then you will surely get instant views and likes. Further they will also let other people know about your channel and videos which will give you happy subscribers .
More importantly letting your viewers help grabbing your content ideas makes a strong bond between you and your viewers. By working together you and your viewers can create something that interesting which can be loved by everyone .
Here are some steps how to get video ideas from your audience.

1. Community tab can be helpful to ask for suggestions:- YouTube created a community tab to help bloggers like you to connect with the subscribers. Utilize this feature to get your audience views and ask them to help you or tell you what they wanted to watch in your next video. You can run a poll, ask a question or share a picture.

2. Run polls on your social media networks :- You can run a poll on your twitter and instagram handles by giving a choice between two topics and whichever is been rated more you can create a video on that. Also if you want you can ask a suggestion on your social media sites about what to upload next, you may select the similar topics or the interesting topic on which you will create your next video.

3. Checkout the comments on your videos :- You should checkout the comments on your videos as they can sometimes result into a jackpot for you. Sometimes, viewers comment on your videos about what they wanted to see in your next video which can help you grabbing some new ideas because it will surely be relatable with a common life which is mostly enjoyed by the audience.

Asking such video suggestions from your viewers help you to grow your relation with the community around you and this will help you grow your subscribers too. Use the community tab and social media handles to connect with people.

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