The internet has given numerous options for artistic people to achieve recognition as well as start earning money. Writers, musicians, filmmakers, and other content creators have a variety of ways to reach an appreciative audience in this day and age. Starting up with monetization does not have to be strenuous. Users can go from live streaming to social gaming, to content commerce and the list of prospects is only getting bigger. If you are still curious to know how to begin making money from social media sites then here is everything you need to tell. Here’s a list of the best social media platforms and how you can serve your audience correspondingly to gain followers and monetize the same.






It’s crucial that they consider monetizing YouTube videos at least once in their career as a next step. There are various methods to accomplish so, with the YouTube Partner Program being the most popular and efficient (YPP). It is an update which lets the user insert advertising on their YouTube videos and generate money. Before enrolling on YPP, a user has to have 1,000 subscribers, a total of 4,000 watch hours on the channel and comply with YouTube community norms. Eligible users can now turn on monetization for as many videos as conceivable on YouTube. Other ways of monetising your content on YouTube involve brand deals, affiliate marketing, and YouTube live.


Instagram is a social media monster that keeps expanding at an unheard-of rate. Instagram is mostly a platform for sharing images and videos, but with the appropriate strategy, you can also monetize it. Prior to beginning your platform monetization journey, build a group of devoted and active followers. Offering your followers paid membership access to your premium, exclusive video content also referred to as a subscription-style video streaming service is one of the best methods to begin your monetization path. With the help of this feature, a creator may create any kind of content educational, inspirational, entertaining, or everything in between and get paid consistently for it.


Live or video commerce is anticipated to gain traction in the Indian eCommerce sector and has the potential to reach a size of $4–5 billion GMV by 2025, according to a study report. Online shopping known as “live commerce” mixes fast product purchases with audience engagement through conversations and in-the-moment comments. Meesho is one such platform that uses the element of discovery to make online buying more enjoyable and comfortable, which is significantly different from conversational eCommerce systems. It is an online resale platform that allowed individuals from different areas of the world to launch a company without having to invest any cash upfront.




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