Premised on the use of insights, survey data, and other sources, Instagram has released its 2023 Trends Report, which seeks to highlight the top, increasing trends for the upcoming year among Gen Z users. From a marketing standpoint, some of the important data points have been listed by Instagram.

Instagram believes that more Gen Zers will utilise their money to support causes and communities in 2023.
Moreover, as the reports suggest, in the forthcoming year, more than half of Gen Z social media users anticipate finding beauty or fashion inspiration from digital avatars or influencers. 2 out of 3 Gen Z users want to purchase skincare or cosmetic items that offer sun and extreme weather protection.

Also, the reports also suggest that people will shift to the ‘DIY’ mode of making clothes. Although I’d be ready to wager on more than half of Gen Z actually producing their own outfits, the emergence of virtual influencers and digital avatars is destined to become even more engrained next year (another note suggests that thrift shopping will increase, which I can see as a more likely alternative).

Instagram says that it will be more of a dating platform

Instagram says that it will be more of a dating platform in 2023. DMs will be the new conversation box with matches and sending memes will be the new way to start a conversation. Moreover, today’s generation also seemed to have dwelled interest in astrology and believes in what signs the stars have to offer.

Look, the report itself has a strong impression that it was created by individuals who, while claiming to be knowledgeable about current events, are probably not. Although the statistics and insights provided are unaffected by this, I’m not sure the report summary is as useful as it could be.

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