Instagram updated its app to allow users to add collaborations to their posts. The users could add other users or even brands as co-authors of their reels and posts. Both accounts share credit for the same post. This feature solved the issue of duplicity and allowed much easier collaborations. The major benefits include increased discoverability and engagement for both collaborators. Ever since the launch of this feature, it has been a great way of reaching a new audience. As useful as it sounds, Instagram has leveled up this feature even more, and now you can add more than one collaborator to your posts!

A minor yet convenient update

The feature of multi-collaboration seems insignificant on a broad scale. But, if we consider its usefulness, it is a highly convenient and practical update. Instagram has changed the collaborations option allowing users to add a maximum of three collaborators on one post/reel. Following this, all the collaborators will be able to manage the post insights. They will be able to keep a check on engagement from their own accounts. It is a great tool for users to promote each other and positively impact the engagement of all accounts involved. Although, this must not be confused with the paid-partnership label during brand collaborations.

Multi-collaborations allow people to boost each other’s pages and increase the exposure of fellow collaborators to new audiences. It is also different from tagging people on your post as it allows multiple accounts to post the same thing on their pages with shared insights. The only thing to keep in mind is that all the accounts must be eligible for collaborations in order to receive the invite link.

Why are multi-collaborations useful?

With multiple collaborators come multiple benefits. Following are a few of the unlimited advantages that you can get via collaborations.

  • The convenience of giving due credit: The brands and users who have provided their services towards a product can be easily added to collaborations and given proper credit.
  • Magnify account impressions: It is already tried and tested in single collabs, and it affects your engagement quite positively. With multiple collaborations, your account impressions would skyrocket, and your engagement rate would be doubled if not tripled.
  • Affordable advertising option: The businesses and brands can use multi-collaborations to advertise their brands with each other or with multiple content creators. This is the most cost-effective way of exhibiting your brand out there.
  • Removes duplicity and the need to re-upload: With multi collaborators, the same post/reel is posted on the accounts of all participants. This eliminated the need to re-upload the same post on every one of the. This also removes duplicity on the platform.

Multiple collaborations are definitely quite important for creator or business accounts. Both accounts don’t even need a huge audience for it to be useful. All you need is perfect collaborators to partner up and share posts with.

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