Getting a job is not always easy, even if you possess enough qualifications. Sometimes, it’s the skills that don’t match with job requirements, and other times, it’s eligibility criteria. However, LinkedIn can do it for you. With several features and advanced algorithms, LinkedIn helps you discover several new career options that match your skills and requirement. Now, the technology has eased the burden of your work and has taken the power to do it for you. So, in this article, you will learn the ways to discover new career paths on LinkedIn.

Career paths on LinkedIn

You must be wondering how exactly LinkedIn find suitable jobs for you. Well, the platform has career explorer tools that help you discover different jobs and industries relevant to your interest. Basically, the Career Explorer tool provides you with information on necessary skills, job details, salary, and job responsibilities. This way, it helps you make choices and right decision about your career.

And It’s easy to use the tool. Just Log in to LinkedIn, click on the ‘jobs’ tab, and on the ‘jobs’ page, you will find the career explorer button. Click on it and use the search option to explore the options that interest you. Besides, Career Explorer also identifies extra skills you may require for different job positions. Plus, LinkedIn offers special learning courses to help you develop those particular skills. It also links you to LinkedIn users who already hold required job roles. Of course, you are more likely to be employed through the LinkedIn network than otherwise.

In addition to this, you can enter your detail, which may include your qualification, skills, etc., on your profile. This will help recruiters to find you if you match their requirements. There are also skill assessment tests that can help you assess and know your skills.

So, you see, LinkedIn offers a lot to help you build your career and grow professionally. All you need to do is to have a basic understanding of all the discussed features and get all the benefits you can from LinkedIn.


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